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Russian biotechnologists were released in business

The first interfaculty master program "Management of Biotechnologies" was launched at MSU in 2014, which means that the first masters have been trained and got diplomas. So it’s time to take the interim results.


The program was developed jointly by the economic and biological faculties. At first there were doubts about the possibility of the creation of interfaculty master program in MSU, but the deans - Alexander Auzan and Michael Kirpichnikov immediately gave the green light. "We are told that the interfaculty program is not possible, - Mikhail Kirpichnikov said at the academic council MSU in 2014, when this program was discussed. - But those who say such things will be the second, while we intend to be the first to launch it."

The purpose of the program is to prepare professionals who understand, on the one hand, what are biotechnologies, where and how they can be applied, and, on the other, - can make a business plan or develop a marketing campaign. It’s important to prepare managers and entrepreneurs in the field of biotechnologies, who can assess the commercial potential of scientific development and implement it correctly. "Scientist does not always possess the qualities of a businessman, he does not need", - Alexey Strygin, the lecturer of the program, development director at Insilico Medicine, notes.

The program "Management of Biotechnologies" immediately attracted interest from pharmaceutical and medical companies, as well as among other high technology enterprises that use biotechnologies: from the food and agricultural industry, fuel and energy complex, the scope of protection of the environment. "We can say that our training consisted of two parts, - Julia Naraikina, the program graduate, postgraduate of the Faculty of Bioengineering and Bioinformatics, said. - In the evenings we took courses in the faculty, attended lectures and cases. But beyond that, we have participated in many specialized events, taken part in excursions to research and production enterprises."


Various science-intensive companies are finding their own formula of interaction with the program: some take part in round tables, where they find new employees and trainees, while others invite to visit them, the third propose projects, based on which students can do theier attestation research. Many lecturers of the program are business representatives. Scientists-entrepreneurs and employees of state agencies also teach. To prepare and conduct the courses such organizations as the Future Biotech and TehPlatforma "BioTeh2030" are involved.

"I came here to find out who in today's Russia is engaged in business in the field of biotechnologies, and got exactly what I wanted.

Now I imagine what kind of team I need to gather to start my business. What is missing is the idea, "- Julia Naraikina commented. According to the graduate, she plans to concentrate on her scientific work in postgraduate study in the next two years, and then she is ready to start own business, if she finds the right idea. Also it’s possible to go for work in a large company, international, probably.

Many graduate students are already working in the high technology firms, as classes are held in the evening. "Training on "Management of Biotechnologies" helps me in my work, I more deeply understand how to apply these or other drugs, which we are engaged, - Natalia Lopatkina, a graduate of Bachelor of Faculty of Economics MSU, shared, which is working on marketing direction in Sanofi. - But, of course, to combine full-fledged work and study is difficult. It should be good to learn time- and stress management, but sometimes one still have to sacrifice something. "

By the way, "Management of Biotechnologies" has the alter-ego – the program "Bioengineering, biotechnology and bioeconomy", which started in parallel on the basis of the Faculty of Biology. In contrast to the "Management of Biotechnologies", it takes place in the daytime, and students will have to forget the full working day. But they have a nice bonus as laboratory works. "We wait for a "wet" course again next year. I'd like to work with test tubes, "- Lopatkina said.

Both programs are constantly changing and evolving. For example, the first set of graduates prepared certification works individually, but since the second set studies on the same subject are written by two people - from "Management of Biotechnologies" (the student is "responsible" for the economic component of the project) and from "Bioengineering, Biotechnology and Bioeconomy" (carefully designs production part).

"Our immediate goal is to expand the number of courses from companies- partners and to be involved in the work on the formation of a cluster of bioeconomy, biotechnology and biomedicine MSU more actively ", -

Peter Kiryushin, the head of the program at the Faculty of Economics, emphasized. - The idea is that our program with the Faculty of Biology will be the one of the drivers of this cluster, because we work with the structures, developing biotechnological entrepreneurship (Business Incubator MSU, Biotech Incubator MSU - Biotechnology Business Incubator is part of the innovation infrastructure of Moscow State University and pretends to become one of the main points of Russian biotechnology development and its promotion on the Russian and international markets.

The main task of the incubator is to create efficient and competitive conditions for the comprehensive support of Russian innovative biotech companies, projects that have high commercial, including export potential.

The incubator has all the necessary conditions for the promotion of knowledge-based technology or product development from the laboratory stage up to clinical trials - for biopharmaceutical products - and the formation of industrial regulations - for other biotechnology products.), and with the companies which we will attract into the cluster".

In the meantime, a new set for the interfaculty program is going on until the 10th of August. And may be these students will become the new faces of such an ambitious program.


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