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October 20 | The Organization of Science Ksenia Bolokhova

"Obstacles Are Always Possibilities to Exceed yourself"

Is there a life after All-Russian competition of engineering (RCE)? To find out more about the career of young stars of engineering universities, conducts series of interviews with the winners of individual research projects, held within the framework of All-Russian competition of engineering in 2015.

Alexander Benediktov

Alexander Benediktov is a first year post-graduate student of Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (MIPT). Last year he was the first in the area of "Electronics, radio engineering and communication systems" with the project "Development of high-active element base formed on the SOI structures with design rules of 0.5 m".

While studying at the university, Alexander uses gained knowledge in the company of "NIIME".

- Why did you decide to participate in All-Russian competition of engineering?

- I cannot say that I had a goal to win, but in MIPT it is normal to show result. If you claim that you are a man of science, you need to participate in various activities. It’s not necessary to win always, but your name and your labors should be visible. Previously, a scientist could bolt in his laboratory as in a cell, but now it's impossible. Constant performances are an essential element of the life of modern scientist, and for me RCE was an opportunity to perform, confirm the level of my skills.

- Please, tell more about your project.

- The company where I work and from whom I have spoken with the project is a very specific. We are engaged in the development and manufacture of integrated circuits (processors) for various applications, in particular for use in the extreme conditions of space, nuclear power stations and exposure to other corrosive environments. In the department of advanced technologies and equipment, where I work, electronic components - minimal components of integrated circuits - are developed. Thus, my project is dedicated to the development of such transistors, the basic elements of integrated circuits, which could withstand temperatures of -60°C to +225°C.

For comparison,

if your smartphone or other electronics with conventional integrated circuits throw in a glass of boiling water (the temperature is only 100°C) it will fail. Our technology allows us to create integrated circuits which are able to work in more aggressive external environment, for instance, in space.

- Your work is a very practically oriented. Are your developments already used?

- Commercialization of work is a very relevant indicator now. It was one of the conditions of All-Russian competition of engineering. But our work is not on the level of commercial introduction yet - we spent a full range of research and developed technology. Now we just stand on the brink of commercialization.

It is worth noting that we walk almost in step with the world's leading developers in the field. These technologies appeared in the world approximately on 2012, and they are used mainly for the production of oil. They are equipped with drills, so that they can read the reservoir’s temperature and allowed to determine the optimal drilling mode, based on this information. In this way such fields became available, which used to be impossible to approach. Also, a wide scope for the development opens with the development and introduction in the mass production of hybrid and electric vehicles, diagnostics of devices where electronics is placed near heat sources.

- Did your participation in RCE influence the implementation of the project?

- Almost every employee at my company takes part in various scientific conferences, competitions. It is everyday practice.

I realize, that I confirmed my level, qualification once again. And it’s possible, that my reputation has grown, but I believe that my participation in RCE is a matter-of-course. It appropriates to my level.

- Share your personal impressions about participation in the competition.

- Usually we compete in a highly specialized range. For example, the conference "Microelectronics 2016" in the Crimea, in the city of Alushta, which finished recently. The event brought together representatives of this specific area. While RCE represents a very wide range of activities and topics. I would say that it is a lack, because sometimes there is a lack of the jury’s competence, and it’s hard for good projects to win. But it is an inherent feature of the competition.

- Did you manage to make new contacts?

- In fact, the so-called networking, when I was able to chat with other contestants, was taking place on the day of the awards ceremony. We were making a cash-generating unit. It was nice to talk to and work in a team. Even the jury noted that all the guys, despite the fact that they were engaged exclusively in their narrow topics, were able to gather in the teams and show a good result.


I like to work in a team where people seemed to do different things, almost disparate at first sight, but to get the overall result, and there is a sense of complicity.

And it was. But the areas are very different, the finalists were from different regions, and for friendship it’s not enough.

- Today, much attention is paid to engineering education, it is subjected to harsh criticism. What strengths and weaknesses of the system have you selected as a yesterday student?

- It’s necessary, by any means, to move away from the Soviet system, when the university is a human factory in fact, where they make the same type of professionals. University should work on a piece-product.

Engineer should take an initiative, learn to take responsibility, think creatively and easily move from one scientific field to another. It seems to me that All-Russian competition of engineering can be an element of such education, but it will not be able to cope with this problem alone.

Today memorization of some parameters as "Our Father" is more rarely required. As Einstein said, it is possible to look in the directory. Therefore, we need a kind of education when a person can take a material, compile it, and does not hesitate to generate new material on the basis of it, solving actual problems.

- Do you have enough resources to do so?

- I was the head of my study group, and, based on observation of my team, I can confidently say, that MIPT has not lost approaches to education, with the implementation of which students study to work with information from any area.


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