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Getting Ahead of Nature in 20 Years

What tools and technologies will be needed in 20 years? What will allow to extend human life and to implement industrial projects, which today seem fantastic? Alexey Borovkov, vice-rector on promising projects of St. Petersburg State University, told within Foresight fleet 2015 on promising future technologies that are used today.

"We can not produce any high-tech product in any of the markets discussed without the breakthrough technologies. It should be noted that we consider markets as a distributed networks of technologies, so digital design and modelling should be considered as the basis that will allow creating designs beyond intuition of chief designer. It should be an open platform of digital design, simulation, optimization and manufacturing.

This platform should allow not only designing a variety of properties of the object, but most importantly, it should enable the production of customized devices. In addition, the platform will enable practitioners to quickly obtain information on the latest international experience and share their own developments.

Driver of the production technologies are additive technologies (that underlie 3D printing, ed.).

Moreover, the technologies available for all materials: polymers, plastics, composites, metals, ceramics and living tissues and organs.

Nature was changing the properties of living organisms for thousands of years and millions of years, we have to master the technology in less than 20 years.

And it is clear that no one wants to insert printed organs in his body without proper mathematical calculations based on the reading of the human genome, so there is another extensive area - bionics - in front of us.

Finally, we must understand that we are talking about the full life cycle of all products, and the trend is that it must be shortened as much as possible. Today products around us become more and more difficult each passing day, technologies stay behind the  products, competences and education are just trying to catch up with them. Accordingly, we must consider the processes of markets’ development from the standpoints of systematic: system engineering and training will play a key role.


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