Science and Technology in Russian Federation

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The Organization of Science

SAU must become a self-sustained structure

July 07

"One of the most technologically advanced exams in the world"

July 05

A Disease That Does not Exist

May 13

How Arctic spring kills birds in Africa

Biologists learned that an early Arctic spring provokes deaths of birds in Africa

May 12

When the oxygen kills

Russian scientists found under what conditions the amount of reactive oxygen species in an organism increase

April 06

Russian Scientists to Have Rebuilt the Shape of Amber Forest

March 28

Results of an extended session at the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation

March 16

Responsibility, Adaptivity, Expertise

March 16

A Year in Space: First Interview of Mikhail Korniyenko after having Returned From the ISS

March 09

Safe Unification

What is the purpose to unite RHSF and RFFI, deputy minister and foundations leaders told

March 07

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