Science and Technology in Russian Federation

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The Organization of Science

Starring: Molecule

Valentin Ananikov talking on what is modern chemistry

February 26

MSPU is in demand everywhere, even in Boston

February 25

Physics in English

A new unique program will take start at IFTIS this year

February 24

Global Competitiveness: What Are the Addends

Rector of NRTU MiSIS speaking about how a university can improve its rating

February 18

The Law for Creative People

Deputy Minister speaking on a new «science law»

February 11

A New Kind of Luminescent Creatures Found by Russian Scientists

February 07

Good Access Education

The Minister reporting at the State Duma meeting

February 05

Searching for New Physics

100 Russian scientists are modernizing detectors of ATLAS installation of the LHC

January 31

Tutors Will Never Help Pupils to Pass USE Better

This is what experts say

January 22

"The Society Is Ready to Go Long But Only on Condition That This Will Be Altogether"

What people think of the crisis

January 21

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