Science and Technology in Russian Federation

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The Organization of Science

Sweet Anabiosis

Sugaring instead of freezing can become the start of a new technology to preserve live organisms

August 06

Get the Start-up!

Students will be taught how to launch a start-up

August 04

Dynasty Foundation Will Be Closed

The scientific community make comments

August 04

Prince Volodimir’s New «Home»

Where will the notorious monument be erected?

July 29

EU to Pass a Stress Test

Would not Greece ruin the ambitious project of all times?

July 28

Someone to Fill in the tabula rasa

MEPhI engineering center finds clients in Bahrain

July 27

Sharing Knowledge

Vietnam representatives will have a course at HSE

July 25

The Strongest Will Survive

The application campaign is enrolling

July 24

Choice Restricted

Selection of priorities discussed at the Presidential Counsel

July 16

Creating the Wind of Change

What is possible with the mathematical description of the society?

July 14

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