Science and Technology in Russian Federation

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The Organization of Science

CCUSE and UNUs Will Receive Legal Status

July 09

Russian Scientist to Develop a Truck for the Far North

The truck will become a good wheeled substitute for the tracked transport

July 02

TeMP 2015 Contest Got Its winners

Best graduates of the atomic industry are announced

July 01

Laser vs explosion

The beams of light to detect dangerous substance from the far

June 30

Dynasty? Dynasty!

Scientific foundation should be «foreign agent»

June 05

Science. Enthusiasm

High wages would not make youth to join science but only help to ensure they do not leave

June 04

Energy Power: New Ways

An energy Facebook is ready to come, expert says

May 23

Foresight of Today's

What are the contours of the technological future of Russia

May 21

Science Festival has come to elementary school

May 21

Getting Ahead of Nature in 20 Years

Digital design and additive technologies to become industry drivers in future

May 17

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