Science and Technology in Russian Federation

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The Organization of Science

New Theories Not Ruled Out

Why physicists are not content with their results and why the situation in their science is somewhat similar to Ancient Greece

May 17

Russian scientists to create a unique device for brain studies

This will allow to apply new optogenetic methods in Russia

May 14

Black Sea to be monitored

Scientists building a special satellite-including system to watch the sea

May 06

«Spectrum of gases»

Russian scientists to prepare universal gas sensors

May 08

Military Industry to Recieve Human Resources

Thousands of students will graduate as engineers for this industry

March 25

Russian Scientists Tuned in for the Oceans

The new moniotoring system will allow to understand better anomalies in "Big Water"

March 24

Revolutionary spins

A new joint Russian-German research center presented

March 21

Russian scientists to disarm the explosion

Innovative method to mine coal is ready to come out

March 17

“Some organizations are incapable to provide good education»

The results of monitoring in universities are announced

March 14


Scoltech scientists developed a composite materials printer for aircrafts

March 13

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