Science and Technology in Russian Federation

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The Organization of Science

Russian scientists will extend the lifetime of pacemakers

A new nickel nuclear power source will be used

March 11

Non-material assets to become more «heavy»

The role of intellectual property to be increased

March 04

It’s not always possible to take the western tracing

Best available technologies to help import substitution

March 03

Qualification improved

Presidential program results have been summarized

March 02

National Science Festival : Start

The festival is going to take place this year

February 27

Liubov Glebova: humanitarian cooperation is important like never before

Head of the Rossotrudinchestvo says cultural interaction is one of the most important factors on the agenda

March 23

The Presidential training program is good for all

Its results were discussed in MIA «Russia Today»

February 26

Russia will continue to cooperate with the West in science

Interview with the Minister published in Nature

February 11

Competitive science

Labor relationships in science will become more transparent

January 23

Landscape of regulatory basement of science changed dramatically

A seminar on improvement of science research funding mechanisms took place in NRU HSE

January 23

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