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Ideas for Digital Energy Engineering; Expert RA to pass IREG audit

"From new ideas for smart grids" -  this is the motto of the fourth All-Russian competition of innovative projects and developments in the electricity sector, "Energoproryv-2016." What is its peculiarity, and what are the opportunities it opens up for the winners? These questions were answered at the press conference of the contest organizers - PJSC "Rossetti", "Skolkovo" Foundation and the Agency for Strategic Initiatives.


New solutions at the interface of technology

The main objective of the competition, according to the First Deputy Director General of PJSC "Rossetti" Roman Berdnikov, is the "search for new young bands, the search for new technological solutions for the electric grid complex, with new solutions to be at the intersection of technologies." In other words, it is not only the energy itself but also information technology and communications.

The focus of the competition "Energoproryv 2016," he said, is placed on two themes: "breakthrough technologies" and "improving technologies." Within the first topic projects will be selected for the EnergyNet market roadmap of the National Technology Initiative (STI), including those related to the smart grid, "smart consumer", "smart city". The second theme is the projects that are optimizing existing businesses, or those that for example, reduce manyfold the cost of high power energy storage, and are in fact closer to breakthrough technologies. Preference is likely be given to systemic solutions that increase reliability, ensure safety and reduce costs.

"Nurture innovative players"

The contest has a clear practical orientation: its finalists develop roadmaps projects together with mentors. "After selecting the finalists there is a joint program of acceleration, where the staff of" Skolkovo "and" Rossetti" work with the semifinalists to clarify the plans of these companies and in fact prepare them for the finals," - said the executive director of the “Skolkovo” cluster of energy efficient technologies ", Nikolai Grachev.

PJSC "Rossetti" provides a platform for testing new technologies that may be interesting to service companies seeking to expand the product pipeline. "Skolkovo"  provides a network of Russian and foreign partners, including potential investors, engineering companies.

"Our goal is to nurture a Russian innovation players, champions, who can supply its solutions in Russia and abroad", - said Nikolai Grachev.

From breakthrough idea to a new market

For 20 years, the demand for energy will increase by 2 times, so that the intellectual (digital) energy systems, and distributed nature of energy networks (smart grid) will be very popular. The problem of our country is to take a technological niche on a new market. Its formation is studied in the EnergyNet market roadmap of NTI in which, in particular, launch of projects is planned for coming years, said Deputy Director of the direction of "Young Professionals" at ANO "Agency for Strategic Initiatives to promote new projects" Eugene Kovnir. To requests of EnergyNet «road map» promising young teams can answer who are participants of the "Energoproryv 2016” competition.

"In framework of our road map it is necessary to position the work of Russian technology companies in order to participate in these markets," - Dmitry Kholkin said, who is co-head of the EnergyNet working group for NTI. According to him, the volume of the world market of energy storage, the volume of which now stands at $ 500 million, will increase over 10 years to $ 50 billion.

A new market at which Russia could take place by 2035, is estimated as $ 700 billion.

In this regard, the organizers of the contest will be interested in those companies that understand what is happening at global markets, and that are ready to offer competitive technological solutions.

Meanwhile the rating agency RAEX (Expert RA) was the first in Russia and the fourth organization in the world, whose university rankings have successfully passed the international audit of IREG Observatory. This information is received via a press release.

The Agency has received the right to use the mark (IREG Approved), confirming that the methodology for ranking universities in Russia RAEX, preparation and presentation of the results procedures meet the highest quality standards. Earlier Perspektywy (Poland), QS (UK) and CHE (Germany) ratings successfully passed the IREG audit.

"Appreciation of IREG Observatory is a convincing evidence of the recognition of Russian universities rating RAEX (Expert RA) at the international level. The audit team evaluated our ratings for a long time and carefully whereas authoritative experts' comments and our response to their concerns played an important role in improving the rating process, which allowed us to raise the bar for the rankings", President of RAEX Agency rating (Expert RA) Dmitry Grishankov commented the results of the audit.

IREG audit was carried out on a voluntary basis at the initiative of the compilers of rankings. The analysis the rating target, the target audience, the rating methodology, the publication of results, transparency, quality assurance measures are evaluated.

According to the conclusion of the audit team, RAEX Agency (Expert RA) Russian universities is a multifactorial credible rating, the basic principles of which have not changed since the first rankings. The audit team highlighted the regularity and efficiency of communication with target audiences to improve the methodology and quality control by the drafters of the rating.

IREG Auditors concluded that the rating of Russian universities RAEX (Expert RA) is in high demand at the national level and is recognized as a reliable source of information to target audiences.

RAEX (Expert RA) has the right to use the sign "Approved by IREG» (IREG Approved) in relation to the rating of Russian universities up to 31 December 2019.


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