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October 21 | Science and Technology Svetlana Mironenko

"IT-breakthrough" Is a Filter of Potential Employees for Our Companies"

The All-Russian competition of engineering (RCE) has been recently extended by another project in the field of innovations - "IT-breakthrough", which is managed by JSC "Ruselectronics". The chairman of the Organizing Committee of RCE and Deputy Director General of "Ruselectronics" Arseniy Brykin told about this competitive merger, changes in the competition and explained how its participants would become corporate employees of the top companies in the field of electronics.

Arseniy Arseniy Brykin

"IT-breakthrough" has been held since 2010. What kind of objectives were at the beginning? How far was it possible to implement them?

Initially the aim was to draw attention of younger generation to developments in the field of IT (and it is still relevant), to show large scale of such developments and the prospects of their practical application in various industries. We have sought to popularize information technologies among the youth, as the scope of successful social adaptation of a new generation. We wanted to explain: we were waiting for them and would help them to realize themselves and succeed, take part in the improvement of the world, finally.

In 2013 there were changes of age limits of participants, as well as regional stages were introduced. How did it affect the competition?

It was decided in 2013 that the competition required certain changes. State corporation "Rostec" and "Ruselectronics" started work in this direction actively (the project coordinator is Sergey Chemezov, CEO "Rostec"; "Ruselectronics" is its operator; and the competition is one of the projects of the party "United Russia"). Brainstorming session was held on the topic of how to actualize the competition. Then it was confirmed not so much age limit as clearer the competition format, to make it more understandable for active youth environment.

In 2013 "IT-breakthrough" was focused on young people up to 24 years, mostly students. Structured nominations, formatting projects on a particular area of ??application, were introduced.

For example, there are options such as IT in education, IT in the energy, IT in radio electronics. At that time the format of the regional stages appeared. On the one hand, this is a contest of IT-projects, it should be placed in the Internet environment. But on the other hand, intramural competition program is needed, as well as quick questions and answers.

The purpose of regional stages is to enable children from regions to showcase their projects to qualified jury, which consists of the heads of major companies in the region, IT-companies, the administration of the region. In this format you learn to defend projects in harsh environment of specialists.

This idea seemed good as for contestants as for experts. Because it's one thing to send a project to the site, and another thing is to defend it publicly in front of respected professionals.

Why has "IT-breakthrough" decided to join All-Russian competition of engineering?

We realized that there were a lot of competitions and forums in the country, and not always they were linked to each other and real benefited to participants. Our esteemed fellows of young age sometimes get confused by them, especially when it is a case of Moscow and other large cities.

It seemed to us that RCE had values, related to "IT-breakthrough": identification of best practices among the youth in terms of the engineering sciences, popularization of both educational programs and adaptation projects in a professional environment, systematization of these practices, creation of a kind of national projects map in this field.

Therefore, we are pleased to join RCE and we are proud that in 2015 we were honored as one of the best engineering competitions in Russia.

Do you have some vision of how competitions influence the formation of the staff of "Ruselectronics"?

"IT-breakthrough" is a kind of funnel, selection tool in the regional stages and at the federal level for those who could be of interest to businesses "Rostec" and including "Ruselectronics". Every year a few dozen people are invited to work during the project launch on the podium of the competition. Most of these job offers come from "Rostec" companies. Therefore, every year we get at least 10-15 "stars" with the help of this competition. Participation in the jury for the directors of our companies is not a social encumbrance, but work on project selection and recruitment. In addition, the teams, which have been active within the framework of "IT-breakthrough", are invited into the united "Ruselectronics" command on the forum "The engineers of the future." We talk about the corporate, form its core faculty, conduct active team building for beginners with participation of experts of "Ruselectronics".

Thus, we begin to work not with intelligent "aliens", but with talented professionals who understand what we are doing. Nominations of the competition fit very clearly into the strategic guidelines of radio-electronic complex of the State corporation "Rostec".

Therefore, the thematic structure of the "IT-breakthrough" offers participants a unique qualifier of specialties. For each topic and nomination is not just a fashion, but specific job which we are ready to give talented children from different regions.

Of course, "IT-breakthrough" is related to personnel policy not only of "Ruselectronics", but also of our partners: in the first place, it is radio electronic cluster of "Rostec", our partner "RT-Inform" and the company "Softline", which provides IT-support of the competition.

What qualities would you like to see in new employees? In your opinion, how can the area of engineering education affect the way of forming these qualities in prospective employees?

It is a strategic question. Competition "IT-breakthrough" is implemented within the framework of the federal program "Work in Russia!" of Russian Engineering Union. The program has three basic slogans: "Learn with the meaning"; "Work with the use"; "Work with the pleasure." These are the guidelines you ask about. Often many talented developers just do some piece of code and do not quite understand where it will be used. I talk about the work without understanding the outcome, which is not conducive to motivation.

We open the horizons and show that the work, which employees of "Rostec" and "Ruselectronics" do, is useful for you as a professional, it is important for your company, for your country, because you are a part of a very large project.


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