Science and Technology in Russian Federation

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Science and Technology

Why does AI need intuition?

March 16

A Gene Exists That Makes to Spend Money Buying New Gadgets

March 16

Scientists may have found the 'trigger' of Alzheimer's disease

March 10

Total Economy

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells to Drive out Diesels of Arctics

March 05

What Happens to Middle Class

Middle class not Planning to Shrink but Staying Vulnerable

March 04

New molluscs from the Red Sea and Movies without Headache

March 04

Patents As a Measure to Access New Markets Abroad

March 03

Attosecond Barrier Overcome

A team of physicists took control over ultrafast motion of electrons

February 29

Graphene and Electrons vs Ohm’s Law

February 24

From a Little Satellite to a Big Idea

Russian crowdfunded satellite will test a new method to get rid of space garbage

February 20

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