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Science and Technology

Moscow Science Digest

MSU scientists prepared new material for lithium ionic batteries and found new gamma source in the sky

February 18

MSU Meteorologists Found that Aerosol Pollution in Moscow Gets Down

February 16

Gravitational Waves Detected

100 year old presumption of Einstein got true

February 13

One More Little Ice Age

1500 years ago it might have brought Byzantine Empire decline, the heyday of the Arab Caliphate and other global events

February 12

Demography of «scientific population»

Brain drain in 1990s was not as intensive as it is thought to be

February 11

«Five-fingered» Dinosaurs of Urals

Russian scientists found a new specias of Plesiosaurs

February 07

A Robot Will Move Through Tubes

This will majorly helpful for diagnostivces of households water pipes

February 05


What are the state-of-the-art developments in the field of «freezing» and «melting» people

February 05

Russian volunteer programmers helped the Lomonosov MSU to find the mysterious black holes

An international team of astronomers led by Ivan Zolotukhin is close to understanding the so-called intermediate-mass black holes (IMBH)

January 31

The geometry of histamine understood by Russican scientists

MSU chemists had better understood the geometry of allergic reactions mediator - histamine

January 31

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