Science and Technology in Russian Federation

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Passivity of business giants criticized

April 03

How to Reach Science and Stay Within?

March 25

Skin cancer teams up with Sonic the Hedgehog

The Lomonosov Moscow State University scientists found out how skin cancer starts

March 11

The Very Personal Coach

STRF journalist took part in a medical experiment to treat paralyzed body

March 07

Weightless Filter Will Be Ideal for Breathing

It is also as transparent as glass

February 26

How startups can increase the price of business

Innovation expert explains why Russian startups usually have low price

February 16

"In Vitro" Engine

Russian Scientists to 3D-print engines

February 12

The geometry of histamine understood by Russican scientists

MSU chemists had better understood the geometry of allergic reactions mediator - histamine

January 31

«We have no narcology»

Number of alcohol addicted persons gets smaller

January 31

Innovation Traffic Lights

Report on Strategy-2020 published

January 15

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