Science and Technology in Russian Federation

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Merger of Universities: A Look from Inside

October 23

Russian Scientists Invented a Walking Robot-Nanopositioner

October 18

From «English Club» to Kalashnikov Gun and Military Machines

Founders of the private design bureau claim too much formalities in Russian design rules

October 17

New Forest: Better Than Two Old Ones

Russian scientists to implement wood restoration procedures based on cloning

October 11

Insects Passed “the Turing Test”

Russian scientists have confirmed the Turing reaction-diffusion model

September 26

Which Technologies are in Need at the Far East?

A round table on Far East problems took place at the RGS

September 20

AI: When New Copernicus is to be Born?

David Yan: we are at the geocentric model stage of AI creation

September 13

The State and SMEs: help or not impede

Commentary of Russina small business leaders

September 06

Being on Green Trend

«Green university» school took place at MSU

August 24

Hydroelectric Engineering Records

What are the biggest HPPs in the world?

August 20

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