Science and Technology in Russian Federation

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Import Substitution News from Farmlands

Which business strategies are best for farmers?

August 16

To the End of "Koshmarit' bizness"

New laws might protect SME from burocracy

August 16

Innovations in Trace Amounts

State-owned companies’ innovative programs discussed in HSE

August 01

Initiative Unpunishable

NTI discussed at St-Petersburg Economic Forum

July 15

TSMIT To Get «Innovation Genes»

FASIE authorized to fund youth’s projects

May 07

Defence and Attack

Patent funds and banks are needed for breakthroughs in new markets

May 02

Government Stimulates IP Market Development

Owners will have the right to grant licenses for state-organization-owned IPs

May 01

Humanitarian wave from the Arctics

Dmitry Livanov and seven students to reach the North Pole

April 11

Clusters to be access on the European

Territorial industrial clusters will receive standards

March 11

Investors are not interested in sole patents

What is necessary to create IP market in Russia

March 06

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